Know What is Gair Dance of Rajasthan and why in news recently ?

  • The ger dance of Rajasthan will be performed by a team from Silor Rajasthan in the road show of American President Donald Trump.
  • Ger dance is a traditional and beautiful folk dance of Rajasthan in India
  • Mainly done by Bhil tribals but found all over Rajasthan
  • Although this dance is popular in all communities but it is more famous in Mewar and Marwar region
  • In Marwar, it is known as Dandiya Ger and in Shekhawati as gindad (गिंदङ )

How the dance is performed : 

Usually, the dancers dance in a large circle with a khanda (wooden stick) in their hand. This dance is performed by both men and women that there are many forms of this pleasing dance. At the beginning of the dance, the men form a large circle by the participants. Inside it, women make a small circle and with the rhythm of instruments and music, they rotate in a counter clockwise direction and the khanda collides.After this, they rotate in a clockwise direction and the khanda collide. Internal and external circles also keep changing in between. Sometimes, this folk dance is performed exclusively by men.

Dresses :

Men wear strapped tunics and full-length skirts. Both men and women dance together in traditional attire.

Musical Instruments :

    1. This folk dance uses  instruments like flute drum, nagada etc.